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Our Carefully Selected Commercial Audio/Video & Control Product Lines

Church leaders realize that the impact of their messages can reach further and more dramatically into people’s lives, thanks to the help of AV equipment. This technology also can be used to bring new visitors through the door, reach people in multiple and remote locations, teach children and significantly enhance the overall worship experience.

If you are looking for that real high fidelity audio/video experience,then we have all the latest professional gears and installation skill sets to meet your needs.

MIXING CONSOLES: | Soundcraft | Mackie |Allen&Heath |

SPEAKERS: | JBL PRO | Electro Voice | QSC (ACTIVE & Passive) | Mackie | Tannoy | Community |

AMPLIFIERS: | Crown | QSC | Hafler |

MICROPHONES & EFFECTS: | Lexicon | AKG | Shure | Rhode| Audio Technia | Sennheiser | Beyerdynamics |

PROJECTORS: | JVC PRO | Panasonic | NEC | Christie |

SCREENS: | Da-Lite | Draper | Screen Innovations |

MONITORS _PLASMAS & LCDs: | Panasonic | NEC | Samsung | LG |

Professional audio equipment by some of the industry's leading manufactures.

MIXING CONSOLES: | Live Sound | Studio Recording | House of Worship | Mackie Mixers | Studer |

SPEAKERS: | JBL | Electro Voice | QSC ACTIVE | Mackie | Tannoy | Community |

AMPLIFIERS: | Crown | QSC | Hafler |

MICROPHONES & EFFECTS: | Lexicon | AKG | Shure | Rhode| Audio Technia | Cloud | Sennheiser | Beyerdynamics |

Nobody knows your customers and their tastes as well as you. We can provide you with solutions that allow you to take your music and atmosphere beyond what any iPod or canned music service can deliver. Upload your licensed music to your private library using any web browser. Create playlists and edit song names, genres, and cover art just like in iTunes. Organize your own radio station and deploy it to one location, one region, or your entire enterprise with the click of a mouse..

Products by: | Harmony by Audio ReQuest | RTI | Audio ReQuest (multi-purpose) |

Bring your locations to life with video and image presentations that play all day long according to your schedule. Program your own TV channel that plays your custom informational clips and promotional campaigns. Create professional looking point-of-sale slideshows and colorful animated menu and price boards easily from Powerpoint presentations. Upload and program your visuals anytime, anywhere using the intuitive Harmony drag and drop web-based application. For more information on how we can implement Harmony Digital Signage at your business, click here.

Products by: |Harmony by Audio ReQuest | LG | NEC | Samsung | Sharp |

Whether you are working in your business or away from it, you can now keep an extra eye on the parking lot or anywhere else where you might need to document criminal activity.

Property Owners and Landlords now have the freedom to monitor their buildings and construction sites from anywhere. Oversee daily operations without having to be onsite.

Products by: | Panasonic |EverFocus | Arecont Vision | Speco |JVC |

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