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We look at your life and aspirations, and discuss how integrated systems could revolutionize your lifestyle and home.
INITIAL DESIGNS, PROPOSALS, AND BUDGET: We turn our proposals into initial designs and present these for your approval, together with estimated costs.
EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATION: We select the finest equipment available within the given budget, and assemble a product portfolio for your approval, together with full specifications and a detailed quotation.

FULL SYSTEM DESIGN: On receipt of the design fee we overlay all the positions of all the equipment onto your architectural plans (when available) and produce any designs required for cabinetry.
CABLE SCHEMATICS: We draw the wiring schematics on the architectural plans and produce a cable schedule of every cable to be run. This is passed onto the onsite electrician (where present) along with all specialist cables.
FUNCTIONALITY SPECIFICATIONS: A room by room functionality spec is signed by both parties and stating exactly what the system will do, and what will not do.

PROJECT HAND OVER: We provide onsite project management services to brief all tradesman at the beginning of the project on exactly what is required of all parties, for example the electrician, cabinet maker and builder.
AGREE PROJECT SCHEDULE: We liaise with all professional bodies involved on the project to determine a precise timeframe for individual activities and completion.
ONSITE MEETINGS: We keep you informed of progress throughout the project and are always readily available to resolve any issues whenever necessary.

WIRING INFRASTRUCTURE: All wiring is installed, either by our technicians or your own electrician after a thorough briefing.
ORDER EQUIPMENT AND TEST: All equipment is purchased, pre-configured and tested before being delivered to site.
PREPARE CABLES: Once building and plastering is complete, we can terminate the installed cables and attach the relevant connectors ready for the equipment installation.
INSTALL EQUIPMENT: Speakers, televisions, control devices and all other equipment are installed.

CONTROL PROGRAMMING: Any specialist remote controls are programmed off site, and then fully tested on site.
SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION: We setup all the equipment using professional apparatus to ensure the best possible performance and bullet proof reliability.
SYSTEM WALKTHROUGH: We walk you through the system room by room, demonstrating exactly how everything works and ticking off everything on the original functionality spec.
SNAGGING: We leave you to enjoy the system for a week or two, and then return to see if anything needs adjusting or changing to your particular preferences.

OWNERS MANUALS: We provide an easy-to-understand manual on how the system works – detailing individual and central functions – warranties and service contract details.
AGREE SERVICE CONTRACT: There are several levels of service contract, with different response times for “life critical” systems such as lighting and “non critical” such as home entertainment.
FOLLOW-UP: We leave you to enjoy the system for a period of time, then visit to see if anything needs adjusting or changing to your particular preferences.

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